94EDPH - 7-Element Flatfield Apo with 94 mm Aperture f/4.4

94EDPH - 7-Element Flatfield Apo with 94 mm Aperture f/4.4

94EDPH - 7-Element Flatfield Apo with 94 mm Aperture f/4.4


The TS-Optics 94EDPH is aimed at astrophotographers and nature photographers who also like to observe through a high-class apochromat.

Διαθέσιμο με Προπαραγγελία

Διαθέσιμο με Προπαραγγελία

Στην περίπτωση αυτή περιλαμβάνονται προϊόντα που συνήθως δεν κρατάμε σε στοκ και για κάποιους λόγους - που δεν εξαρτώνται από την εταιρία μας - ΔΕΝ μπορούν να είναι διαθέσιμα σε διάστημα μικρότερο των 14 ημερών.Στην κατηγορία αυτή περιλαμβάνονται και προϊόντα που προδιαφημίζονται από τους κατασκευαστές αλλά δεν άρχισε ακόμη η επίσημη διανομή τους στην ελληνική αγορά. Πιθανόν για τα είδη αυτά να παρέχεται δυνατότητα προπαραγγελίας με ειδική προνομιακή τιμή. Αν γνωρίζουμε ήδη την πιθανή ημερομηνία άφιξης του συγκεκριμένου προϊόντος, στις αποθήκες μας, τότε αυτή θα αναγράφεται ξεχωριστά και επάνω από την ένδειξη «Διαθέσιμο με Προπαραγγελία»

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TS-Optics 94EDPH - 7-Element Flatfield Apo with 94 mm Aperture f/4.4


The fast flatfield apochromat with 94 mm aperture and 414 mm focal length was developed by Teleskop-Service for astrophotography.

♦ Aperture 94 mm

♦ Photographic focal length 414 mm

♦ High focal ratio f/4.4 for short exposure times

♦ Illuminated and corrected image field of 50 mm diameter - usable up to full frame size

♦ Color-free, multi-coated APO triplet lens with two ED Elements (similar to a FPL-53 triplet)

♦ Screwed 4-element ED corrector with 55 mm working distance from the M48 camera connection

♦ 3" RAP gear drive focuser with 360° rotation

♦ 2" and 1.25" connectors for observation are included - 1.25" and 2" accessories can be used

♦ 2" nebula filters can be screwed into the corrector

♦ CNC tube rings with handle, finder shoe and Vixen style dovetail bar are included

♦ The handle offers adaptation possibilities for guide scope or camera

♦ High quality aluminum transport case

The TS-Optics 94EDPH is aimed at astrophotographers and nature photographers who also like to observe through a high-class apochromat. The refractor convinces by its solid mechanical construction and its high-quality 3-element APO lens. The image is free of disturbing chromatic aberrations. The 4-element corrector has been specially developed for this Apo and produces a color-corrected image field with a diameter of 50 mm, ideal for full-frame cameras. The fast focal ratio of f/4.4 allows short exposure times. The 94PH is a fast apo for astrophotography and observation.

Camera connection to the apo:

Simply screw the 2.5" field corrector into the focuser. An M48x0.75 thread is available on the camera side of the corrector. The working distance from this thread to the camera sensor is exactly 55 mm. This is ideal for all astro cameras and DSLR / SLR cameras. Suitable T-rings can be found in the accessories section. The corrector also offers a 2" filter thread in front of the camera mount.

Attachment of TS 94EDPH on mounts and photo tripods

The CNC tube ring has a GP and EQ5 style dovetail bar at the base. You can attach the telescope to the corresponding saddles of mounts and travel mounts like the Skywatcher Star Adventurer. Suitable dovetail clamps can be found in the accessories section. Furthermore, the dovetail also has a 1/4" photo tripod thread.

The carrying handle is a real multi-functional part

The handle not only facilitates mounting on the photo tripod, but it is also the basis for further adaptations. The handle has a slotted hole and a 1/4" photo thread. You can attach a ball head to it and mount a second camera in parallel, for example. Next to the carrying handle is a finder shoe for finder telescopes, mini guide scopes or sights.

Observation through the TS 94EDPH

Of course, the pure color triplet lens also provides an excellent basis for observation. The high-contrast image also ensures a clear image at daytime when observing birds, for example. The aperture of 94 mm also shows the crater landscape on the moon or exciting details on the planets of the solar system during the night. Many thousands of deep-sky objects are also within the range of the apo. You can use 1.25" and 2" accessories, such as 2" star diagonals.

Τεχνικά Χαρακτηριστικά
Οπτικός Σχεδιασμός Διοπτρικό Αποχρωματικό
Διάμετρος (mm) 94
Εστιακή Απόσταση - F (mm) 414
Εστιακός Λόγος (f/) 4.4
Στήριξη Δεν περιλαμβάνεται στήριξη ή τρίποδας

In the box:

♦ Triplet Apo with CNC tube ring
♦ Carrying handle, Vixen style dovetail bar, finder shoe
♦ Dust protection caps for lens and focuser
♦ 2.5" field corrector and focal reducer
♦ Metal dust caps for the corrector
♦ Adapter M63 to 2"
♦ Adapter 2" to 1.25"
♦ Aluminium transport case

Technical Data:

Aperture: 94 mm
Effective focal length: 414 mm (with corrector)
Effective focal ratio: f/4.4
Objective: Air-spaced triplet objective with two ED elements
Focal ratio of the objective: f/5.5
Corrector: 4-element ED corrector
Focuser: 3" tack and pinion focuser with threaded connection and 2" / 1.25" socket
Focuser travel: 75 mm
OTA weight: 4.1 kg. incl. Tube ring, dovetail rail, handle
OTA length: 440 mm min.
Tube diameter: 104 mm
Dew shield diameter: 118 mm
Transport case: 54x24x27 cm (LxWxH), 3.5 kg
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